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Treaty Text

HE KUPU WHAKATAKI: Ko Wikitoria, te Kuini o Ingarani, i tana mahara atawai ki nga rangatira me nga hapu o Nu Tirani, i tana hiahia hoki kia tohungia ki a ratou o ratou rangatiratanga, me to ratou wenua, a kia mau tonu hoki te rongo ki a ratou me te Atanoho hoki, kua wakaaro ia he mea tika tukua mai tetahi Rangatira hei kai whakarite ki nga Tangata Maori o Nu Tirani. Kia wakaaetia e nga rangatira Maori te Kawanatanga o te Kuini, ki nga wahikatoa o te wenua nei me nga motu - na te mea hoki he tokomaha ke nga tangata o tona iwi kua noho ki tenei wenua, a e haere mai nei.

Na, ko te Kuini e hiahia ana kia wakaritea te Kawanatanga, kia kaua ai nga kino e puta mai ki te tangata Maori ki te Pakeha e noho ture kore ana.

Na, kua pai te Kuini kia tukua a hau, a Wiremu Hopihona, he Kapitana i te Roiara Nawa, hei Kawana mo nga wahi katoa o Nu Tirani, e tukua aianei a mua atu ki te kuini, e me atu ana ia ki nga rangatira o te wakamingenga o nga hapu o Nu Tirani, me era rangatira atu, enei ture ka Koeratia nei.

KO TE TUATAHI: Ko nga rangatira o te Wakaminega, me nga rangatira katoa hoki, kihai i uru ki taua Wakaminenga, ka tuku rawa atu ki te Kuini o Ingarani ake tonu atu te Kawanatanga katoa o o ratou wenua.

KO TE TUARUA: Ko te Kuini o Ingarani ka wakarite ka wakaae ki nga Rangatira, ki nga Hapu, ki nga tangata katoa o Nu Tirani, te tino Rangatiratanga o o ratou wenua o ratou kainga me o ratou taonga katoa. Otiia ko nga Rangtiratanga o te Wakaminenga, me nga rangatira katoa atu, ka tuku ki te Kuni te hokonga o era wahi wenua e pai ai te tangata nona te wenua, ki te ritenga o te utu e wakaritea ai e ratou ko ta kai hoko e meatai nei e te Kuni hei kai hoko mona.

KO TE TUATORU: Hei wakaritenga mai hoki tenei mo te wakaaetanga o te Kuni. Ka tiakina e te Kuni o Ingarani nga tangata maori katoa o Nu Tirani. Ka tukua ki a ratou nga tikanga katoa rite tahi ki ana mea ki nga tangata o Ingarani.

Na, ko matou, ko nga Rangatira o te Wakaminenga o nga Hapu o Nu Tirani, ka huihui nei ki Waitangi. Ko matou hoki nga Rangatira o Nu Tirani, ka kite nei te ritenga o enei kupu, ka tangohia, ka wakaaetia kotoatia e matou. Koia ka tohngia ai o matou ingoa tohu.

Ka meatia tenei ki Waitangi, i te ono o nga ra o Pepuere, i te tau kotahi mano, e waru rau, e wa tekau, o to tatou Ariki.

Signed at Waitangi February 1840, and afterwards by about 500 chiefs


VICTORIA, the Queen of England, in her kind (gracious) thoughtfulness of the Chiefs and Hapus of New Zealand, and her desire to preserve to them their chieftainship and their land, and that peace and quietness may be kept with them, because a great number of the people of the poeple of her tribe have setteld in this country, and (more) will come, has thought it right to send a chief (an officer) as one who will make a statement to (negotiate with ) Maori people of New Zealand. Let the Maori chiefs accept the governorship (KAWANATANGA) of the Queen over all parts of this country and the islands. Now, the Queen desires to arrange the governorship lest evils should come to the Maori poeple and the Europeans who are living here wihtout law. Now, the Queen has been pleased to send me, William Hobson, a Captain in the Royal Navy to be Governor for all places of New Zealand which are now given up to the Queen. And she says to the Chiefs of the Confederation of the Hapus of New Zealand and the other chiefs, these are the laws spoken of.

The First Article   The Second Article The Third Article  The
Forth Article     
The Chiefs of the      The Queen of          This is the           Two churchman,   
Confederation, and     England agrees and    arrangement for the   catholic Bishop, 
all these chiefs who   consents (to give)    consent to the        Popallier and the
have not joined in     to the Chiefs,        governorship of the   Anglican mission
that Confederation     hapus, and all the    Queen. The Queen      William Colenso  
give up to the Queen   people of New         will protect all      recorded a       
of England for ever    Zealand the full      the Maori people of   discussion onwhat
all the Governorship   Chieftainship         New Zealand and       we would call    
(KAWANATANGA) of       (RANGATIRATANGA) of   give them the same    religious freedom
their lands.           their lands, their    rights as those of    and customary law
                       villages and all      the people of         In answer to a   
                       their possessions     England.  William     direct question  
                       (taonga: everything   Hobson, Consul and    from Pompallier, 
                       that they held        Lieutenant Governor   Hobson agreed to 
                       precious) but the     Now, we the Chiefs    the following    
                       chiefs give to the    of the                statement. It was
                       Queen the             Confederation of      read to the meeti
                       purchasing of those   the Hapus of New      before any of the
                       pieces of land        Zealand, here         chiefs had signed
                       which the owner is    assembled at          the Treaty.  E me
                       willing to sell,      Waitangi, and we      ana te Kawana ko 
                       subject to the        the Chiefs of New     ngi whakapono ka 
                       arranging of          Zealand, seeing the   toa o Ingarani o
                       payment which will    meaning of these      ngi Weteriana o  
                       be agreed to by       words and accept      Roma me te riteng
                       them and the          them, and we agree    Maori hoki a     
                       purchaser who will    to all of them,       tiakina ngatahiti
                       be appointed by the   here we put our       e ia.  Translatio
                       Queen for the         names and marks.      The Governor say 
                       purpose of buying                           that the several 
                       for her.                                    faiths (beliefs)                                                                     of   
                                                                   England, of the  
                                                                   Wesleyans,of Rome
                                                                   and also Maori   
                                                                   customs shall ali
                                                                   be protected by h                                                                    im.

The Treaty of Waitangi

(English Version)

Her Majesty Victoria, Queen of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland, regarding with Her Royal Favour the Native Chiefs and Tribes of New Zealand, and anxious to protect their just Rights and Property, and to secure to them the enjoyment of Peace and Good Order, has deemed it necessary, in consequence of the great number of Her Majesty's Subjects who have already settled in New Zealand, and the rapid extension of Emigration both from Europe and Australia which is still in progress, to constitute and appoint a functionary properly authorised to treat with the Aborigines of New Zealand for the recognition of Her Majesty's sovereign authority over the whole or any part of those islands. Her Majesty, therefore, being desirous to establish a settled form of Civil Government with a view to avert the evil consequences which must result from the absence of the necessary Laws and Institutions alike to the Native population and to Her Subjects, has been graciously pleased to empower and authorise me, william Hobson, a Captain in Her Majesty's Royal Navy, Consul, and Lieutenant-Governor of such parts of New Zealand as may be, or hereafter shall be ceded to Her Majesty, to invite the confederated and independent Chiefs of New Zealand to concur in the following Articles and Conditions.

ARTICLE THE FIRST. The Chiefs of the Confederation of the United Tribes of New Zealand, and the separate and independent Chiefs who have not become members of the Confederation, cede to Her Majesty the Queen of England, absolutely and without reservation, all the rights and powers of Sovereignty which the said Confederation or Individual respectively exercise or possess, or may be supposed to exercise or to possess over their Territories as the sole Sovereigns thereof.

ARTICLE THE SECOND. Her Majesty the Queen of England confirms and guarantees to the Chiefs and Tribes of New Zealand, and to the respective families and individuals thereof, the full, exclusive and undisturbed possession of their Lands and Estates, Forests, Fisheries, and other properties which they may collectively or individually possess, so long as it is their wish and desire to retain the same in their possession; but the Chiefs of the United Tribes and Individual Chiefs yield to Her Majesty the exclusive right of pre-emption over such lands as the proprietors thereof may be disposed to alienate, at such prices as may be agreed upon between the respective Proprietors and persons appointed by Her Majesty to treat with them in that behalf.

ARTICLE THE THIRD. In Consideration thereof, Her Majesty the Queen of England extends to the Natives of New Zealand Her Royal protection, and imparts to them all Rights and Privileges of British subjects.

W. HOBSON, Lieutenant-Governor

Now, therefore, We, the Chiefs of the Confederation of the United Tribes of New Zealand, being assembled in congress at Victoria, in Waitangi, and We, the Separate and Independent Chiefs of New Zealand claiming authority over the Tribes and Territories which are specified after our respective names, having been made fully to understand the Provisions of the foregoing Treaty, accept and enter into the same in the full spirit and meaning thereof: In witness of which, we have attached our signatures or marks at the places and the dates respectively specified.

Done at Waitangi, this sixth day of February, in the year of Our Lord one thousand eight hundred and forty.