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What To Do?

This is a problem for all western countries. I cannot understand why our New Zealand goverment allows un- checked interference in our market by China's policy of buying the west. Try to shop for a month without buying made in China. It cannot be done. We are a stupid lazy country that will become bankrupt like USA in the next generation or so.

Given the fact that China is a wonderful country and the people, like everywhere, just want to be happy and live in peace, we must not forget that China's Government is a totalitarian regime with a foreign policy of world exploitation for its own ends and one of the worst Human Rights records of any country.

How ever, Their OK because our western business leaders and politicians don't mind as long as they get their cut.

People wonder why the middle east is erupting into anti government revolutions. The way we are heading I expect more revolts against governments including western Europe and the USA.

P Shields